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February 2011




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Graboid Service Updates

Safe Downloading

Graboid is guaranteed virus, adware, and spyware free as tested by Safe DownloadingMcAfee Site Advisor and Norton Safe Web. But what exactly does this mean and does it include what is downloaded within Graboid? In a nutshell, the Graboid program is safe, but the files you download on Graboid may not be. It’s important that you’re aware that videos downloaded may contain viruses that could infect your computer.

But, just because you might download a virus, doesn’t mean your system will get infected. This is where Graboid helps. If you play a video in the application, by using the VLC player or streaming it directly, the virus will not be able to install itself in your system. But once you open the download outside of Graboid, be careful. We recommend you try and open any videos within the Graboid application first, if Graboid can’t open it or stream it, and VLC can’t either, use caution!

How can you help?

It’s a good routine to always update your anti-virus software because of the amount of Malware and Spyware out there. Spyware is a type of malware that gets installed on computers to collect small pieces of information about the users, usually without the user’s knowledge. And let’s not forget, how difficult it can be to detect. There have been numerous programs designed to help remove or block spyware. But the best protection is to always inspect the contents you are installing or downloading before you’re infected.

So always ensure you use anti-virus software and when you are downloading Graboid, make sure you download it from the Graboid website.

Graboid Question of the Month

Q. Do you have any updates in place to add new payment plans to what you currently offer?
– Pete R. 

A. Every month we receive comments regarding the current payment plans Graboid offers. Currently we have three payment plans, the Silver plan with 10GB a month, the Gold plan with 50GB a month, and the Diamond plan with 500GB a month. We are currently looking into other plans or possibly even adding a top up system, so if you currently have a 50GB plan and you find that it’s not enough, you may be able to top up. Or, choose from a 150GB plan a month and find a happy medium between all plans. To help us understand what exactly you are looking for, take our Poll. This will help us address your needs. But we promise it has been noted.     

Customer Service Tips

What Do Version Numbers Mean?

As we are constantly making improvements to Graboid, the version number and the letter beside the version number changes so we know what type of Graboid we are testing. When the number changes it means there have been numerous updates in both the features and on the back-end. When the letter changes it means that a minor change is being tested but not a big enough alteration to upgrade to a new version number. That’s why we always recommend updating to the latest version to ensure you are using the best Graboid.

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Graboid Tip Of The Month

Sorting Your Results

We’ve noticed that during remote sessions and live chats, many users are not aware that the column headings can be used to help sort the content they are searching for. By simply clicking on the headers like “Hot Today”, “Works”, “Quality”, or “Size”, it will sort out what is being displayed by the specific descriptor that was clicked.

Graboid Sorting Results

You Ask, We Answer

There’s no hiding it, we love answering your questions about Graboid.

Each month we’ll choose a member question to feature and answer here. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know? Ask Graboid a question.

Note: This is not a customer service email address. This email is not checked regularly and you will not receive a reply to inquiries made to this address. If you require immediate assistance, please contact Customer Service directly, using the information below .

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Get The Latest Version

Graboid is currently running version 2.01 (for PC) and version 2.02 (for Mac).

Since we release a new version every time we make a series of improvements to the application, it’s good practice to always update to the latest version.

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