Archived Tips

Give Yourself Better Search Results
Filter Search Results - Hide Broken Videos
Did you know that you can now avoid broken videos when you download? All you have to do is click on the header Show Search Tools, and you can filter exactly what you want.
Once you click on the checkbox for Hide Broken Videos, you must click on "Refine Search" in order to get your results. You’ll get better quality videos with just a few clicks.

Sorting Your Results

We’ve noticed that during remote sessions and live chats, many users are not aware that the column headings can be used to help sort the content they are searching for. By simply clicking on the headers like Hot Today, Works, Quality, or Size, it will sort out what is being displayed by the specific descriptor that was clicked.

Searching Tips

  1. You can shorten your search terms.

    If the video title were “Elmer’s new boat” you can search for “Elm Boa” and you would still find “Elmer’s new boat”

  2. You can get specific with your search terms.

    If “Elmer’s New Boat” has a series of videos, you can find specific episodes by using the season/episode format. E.g. “Elmer’s New Boat 1×05”

  3. You can combine search terms.

    Combine tips 1 and 2 above to find shows by using terms like “Elm boa 3×15”. This would look for and return all matches for Elmer’s New Boat videos, season 3 episode 15.

  4. When you find a video you like, try searching for that title specifically to see all available options. There might be a different version that has a quality you prefer, or a bandwidth size better suited to your subscription plan.

Finishing Unprocessed Downloads

If your download says “Processing Did Not Finish”, or if processing is taking longer than usual, you might want to try to finish the job yourself. NOTE: you’ll need WinRAR or 7-Zip, and QuickPar installed on your PC to get this job done.

Open your Completed folder on your hard drive, then find and open the folder for the file in question. Click on any of the .rar files to allow WinRAR to extract the file instead of Graboid. If WinRAR tells you the volume is not complete, check for any .par2 files in the same folder.

If you see any .par2 files in this folder, click on any of them (with QuickPar installed) to try and repair the volumes. If QuickPar is successful you can then click on the .rar files again and WinRAR should be able to unpack the files to make your video file complete.

If these steps do not work for you, contact Customer Service for more assistance.

Keep Your Machine Clean

The average user may cross many websites and emails that contain malware. When malware is on your computer, it can affect your system’s performance, your Internet speeds, and can create errors that are seemingly inexplicable.

Since Graboid is a browser and uses your Internet connection, its functionality can be affected if you have malware on your computer. We recommend Malwarebytes, a free anti-malware service that scans your PC and removes any possible threats.

Making a Completed Folder Shortcut

This will guide you in making a shortcut on your desktop to open your completed folder. This way, you can easily get to your videos and you can watch them without needing to open Graboid.

  1. Go to your Completed folder.
  2. Right click your Completed folder and then click on Create Shortcut.
  3. Drag and drop the newly created shortcut to your Desktop and then rename it to anything you want.

Check Before You Delete

Occasionally a video might not work when you try to play it – don’t delete it! Post your problem on the Forum or Get Satisfaction and a User Moderator can help you get your file to play. A little bit of troubleshooting can save you a lot of bandwidth on those ‘broken’ videos you used to just delete.

Make The Most of Your Graboid Subscription

Start with green. A green dot next to the video means it WORKS.

Go with Votes. A high number of votes means the file is popular with members.

Stream first. When possible, stream a title for a few seconds first to make sure it’s the quality you want.

Browse easy. Click on ‘Hot Today’ to see the most popular videos in the last 24 hours.