Frequently Asked Questions – General

Frequently Asked Questions

General Support

  1. What is bandwidth?
    All you need to know is that bandwidth controls is the amount of content you can download per month. More bandwidth equal more videos! When you sign up for a Graboid membership, your subscription includes a set amount of bandwidth (MBs) that you can use towards video downloads each month. Each file clearly shows you how much bandwidth is required to download the video and you can see how much bandwidth you have left in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  2. How do I get more bandwidth? I need my online video fix!
    If your free trial just ended, it’s time to upgrade! To instantly upgrade to unlimited bandwidth, click on the big, red “Upgrade” button in the application or go to our website and sign up for our Unlimited Membership plan.
  3. What is my password?
    If you’re having trouble remembering your password, type your email address or your username in the box to your right. We will instantly send you an email to reset your password.
  4. Is Graboid mobile friendly?
    Check out Graboid Mobile to run searches and queue up downloads on the go! Just start up Graboid on your home PC or Mac, and queue up downloads right from your mobile device!
  5. I searched for a video on the Internet and it took me to Graboid, even though the video wasn’t available through your site.
    Graboid works with a number of websites that provide links to services where you can access content. Unfortunately, because we do not host or post content and because content changes on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee that the video you’re looking for will always be available.
  6. Can I request a certain video?
    No VJing for us. Graboid does not host or post content which means, unfortunately, that we can’t take video requests. If you can’t find the video you are looking for, please check back often. Graboid is constantly being updated with thousands of new and popular videos.
  7. Can I copy my completed videos to a DVD?
    Check out the DVD burning guides that have been set up on our Support Forum page by some of our expert users: